Fantome is the family business of the Burke’s, based in Bordeaux, France, whose aim is to create beautiful well-made articles from recycling materials..It specialises in recuperating the already used inner tubes of bicycle tyres without the use of glue to create articles as close to zero waste as possible. They believe in no cruelty to animals and their entire collection is vegan. All goods are made at their workship in France, with parts for assembly made from the closest manufacturers in Europe. All pieces are made in small limited edition numbered series, and each are individual, since the source material of inner tubes will always have small differences, such as makers marks. Each member of the family plays a role in the business, with mother Michèle in charge of the manufacture, Jennie, the daughter, the stylist and designer, son Steven in charge of graphic design and father Charles the father responsable for obtaining the source materials, and business management.

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