About Beyond Bags

Beyond Bags commitment to stock only vegan bags handbags and purses

Beyond Bags is committed to providing high quality designer vegan bags to people who care about animals and the environment. Our bags are all entirely vegan, made from alternatives to leather and other animal skins or fur, so no animal was killed or hurt in the production of any of our products. By buying from Beyond Bags, vegans no longer need compromise on quality, design or ethics when they purchase designer handbags.

Beyond Bags buys from high quality designers of guaranteed vegan bags placing them together on one retail website to provide consumer choice and ready comparison of styles and prices. Beyond Bags provides information about the materials used in its bags here and reveals the truth about the barbaric and environmentally damaging leather industry here.

Beyond Bags especially looks to support small women-owed businesses. Stock is held in both the US and Ireland to provide fast and efficient delivery to North American and European customers*. More information on the designers of the purses in the Beyond Bags range can be found here.

Beyond Bags’ cruelty-free and ethical guarantee

By shopping at our online store, you can be confident that your purchase is cruelty-free, ethically produced, environmentally-friendly, and that it has been personally selected to represent the best available products while adhering to vegan principles.

Not only are bags from Beyond Bags cruelty-free, the company has been set up to be socially and environmentally responsible and we require ethical sourcing from our suppliers.

Recognised by PETA as an Approved Vegan retailer

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In recognition of Beyond Bags’ promotion of cruelty-free accessories and commitment to stocking only 100% vegan merchandise, Beyond Bags has been certified as “PETA -Approved Vegan” by PETA and its affiliates.

For more information please contact us at info@beyondbags.com, and please also sign up for email updates, or connect via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

* Please note that delivery from the same customs area cannot be guaranteed, and that orders will be fulfilled from available stock, irrespective of location.

Beyond Bags’ founder story

Beyond Bags founder is vegan, having turned vegetarian at 15 years old upon finding out about new factory farming methods from her father, a retired dairyman. She became vegan after the birth of her daughter, when her own breastfeeding led to an outpouring of empathy for the plight of dairy cows repeatedly impregnated and then separated from their calves for the purpose of producing milk for humans. As a business woman, who has struggled to obtain high quality vegan merchandise, she started Beyond Bags in 2016 with a view to addressing the needs of vegan consumers that are poorly served by the traditional bags and accessories marketplace.

The Beyond Bags logo represents the harmony with nature obtained by living by vegan principles, which reduce pain and suffering and the environmental foot print. The circular sweeps represent the beauty of the natural landscape that we seek to conserve and protect, and the heart at the center the love that we have for all animals.