Zero waste zero cruelty products for ethical consumers

Beyond Bags emphasises environmental friendliness in the bags it sells and none more so than our bags made fromÿrecycled material, which reduceÿthe amount of waste entering the environment and eliminate the drain on natural resources and pollution caused by the manufacture of brand newÿmaterials.ÿ

We are especially thrilled to be stocking accessories made from upcycledÿrubber bicycle inner tubes, which would otherwise be discarded after a single use, but instead are being collected and used to create beautiful and functional bags, wallets and backpacks.ÿRecycled rubber inner tube backpackTravel wallet in recycled rubber inner tubeBackpack in recycled rubber inner tube

Other bags in our collection use a strong and water-resistant fabric liner made from recycled plastic water bottles, or use reclaimed vintage cotton fabrics as liners.ÿ

Interior GUNAS bags in recycled plastic water bottleInterior glaszed fabric medium crossbody purse

Check out this demo of this rubber handbag ÿto see how high style can fuse with ecological principles.ÿ

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