Spotlight on vegan bags and wallets for men from Beyond Bags

Vegan bags are not just for the ladies! Here at Beyond Bags we have some practical, sturdy and manly options that show you care for animals and the planet. All of our options for men are made from environmentally friendly materials, being either made from plant-based materials (like cork or pineapple leather or banana paper) or they are using tough and durable used materials like bicycle inner tubes.

Has that whetted your interest? Take a look at the styles below and green up your wardrobe!

Backpacks are your robust go-to daily standby, and our offerings in Pinatex, the trade-marked innovative material created from pineapple leaves, will surprise you with their toughness and reliability.

Beyond Bags stocks two options for men in Pinatex, both from upmarket designer Ina Koelln. One is a rounded zipper style in black with a further exterior pocket, and the other is a larger rectangular model in brown with faux leather buckled closure.

Pinatex brown backoack with bucklesBlack Pinatex backpack

Our other backpack is made from the rubber inner tubes that go inside bicycle tyres. These are collected from bike repair shops in France and made into industrial-looking bags, backpacks and wallets by Fantome.ÿ

This model has chunky metal fastenings from climbing equipment and a fold-over top to hide the zipper to the large interior pocket.ÿ

Recycled rubber inner tube backpack

Moving onto messenger bags and satchels, these are available in Pinatex and recycled rubber in styles that can readily hold a large laptop and have strong vegan leather or wide canvas straps for easy carrying.ÿ

Pinatex satchelPinatex messenger bag

Finally wallets, where we have cork, recycled rubber and an innovative banana paper from Micronesia. Our card wallets in cork are light and flexible and can hold 8 cards and as well as bank notes.

In recycled rubber we have a card wallet and a travel wallet with space for passport and zipped coin pocket.ÿ

Finally, banana paper makes for an ecological and ethical choice with the production of this material helping sustain a small island in the Pacific. Check out these decorative options for both a card wallet and a travel wallet.

Hopefully some ideas for yourself or the guys in your life, if they are looking to replace leather goods or simply make more caring and ecological choices for their future.ÿ



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