Spotlight on cork, a luxury eco-fabric that saves forests and makes great purses


Ever wondered how cork is harvested and processed to make luxury handbags? Check out this fascinatingÿvideo and learn more…

It’s part of the Beyond Bags mission to prove that animal-free and eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean some tired old cotton tie-dye or jute shopping bag!

Cork is an amazingly soft, supple and lightweight material that is water-resistant and stain-resistant and can be fashioned into bags that are individual and unique thanks to eachÿnatural cork piece having its own inherent specialness.

Beyond Bags is sourcing luxury cork bags from a number of designers, each with their own special twist, but all extremely high qualityÿand on trend in the latest styles.ÿ

VisitÿourÿCork Collection hereÿfor an array of fashionable and eco-friendly cork bags.

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