French design and sophistication exclusively at Beyond Bags

When it comes to style no one does it better than the French. Beyond Bags is pleased to add two French vegan bag designers to the store, Magnethik and Fantome, both of which already extremely popular in France, and nowÿavailable exclusivelyÿfrom Beyond Bags in the rest of the world.ÿ

Magnethik, created by confirmed vegan environmentalist Fabienne Pomi in 2016, specialises in soft and supple premium faux leather purses made from a Japanese ecological polyurethane awarded the Greenguard quality mark,ÿfor being low in environmental impact without any volatile compounds.ÿ

Beyond Bags is stocking her range of bucket bags, complete with nickel-free silver chain and strap, in a beautiful range of autumn colours.ÿ

Burgundy bucket bag by Magnethik

A different version of French chic and ingenuity is offered by Fantome, who create a range of bags and wallets out of recycled bicycle inner tubes,ÿthat would otherwise be thrown out as trash by bicycle repair shops, so offering not only a vegan but a zero waste accessory,ÿmade with no harmful materials.

Fantome is a family business, with mother, father, son and daughter of the vegan and sustainability-conscious Burke family togetherÿcontributing to design, manufacture, marketing, management and upcycling of materials.ÿ

Fantome wallet

Stop by Beyond Bags soon and add some French “je ne sais quoi” to your collection of vegan luxury bags!

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