Find your Valentine the perfect gift at Beyond Bags, with free shipping till 14 February!

Show your kindness and compassion by buying your loved one a cruelty-free and planet-friendly vegan bag or wallet from Beyond Bags!

Elegance and sophistication are the hallmark of these GUNAS handbags and wallets. With liners made from recycled plastic bottles, these purses also have the feelgood factor.

Minimalist and industrial design collides with high fashion with those zero-waste accessories from FANTOMEÿ, made from used bicycle inner tubes. Each item is unique thanks to variations in the tubes used. Save the environment and animals with this bag made from recycled materials. For men or womenÿ!

Cork makes beautiful purses, and Beyond Bags stocks a surprisinglly large range of colours and styles. Cork is an entirely natural material, being the bark of the Cork Oak. Our supplierÿROK CORK ensures that materials are of the highest quality available in the market, and all bags are ethically sourced and manufactured in Portugal.

Unisex wallets made from cork are available in three colours: a black, brown or natural card wallet for men and women, plus the coin purse is also available in burgundy for women.ÿÿ

WILBY uses organic and eco friendly materials when possible such as organic cotton and lining, recyclable cloth, eco friendly backing and cork leather.ÿÿ

This cork unisex satchel in black is purposely styled and designed for both men and women.

Take advantage of free shipping (to all areas below a $30 charge) when you shop at Beyond Bags between now and 14 February, with our Valentine’s discount VALENTINESPECIALÿ!ÿ



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