Backpacks galore – cruelty-free and eco-friendly !

As the seasons change and we return to school, work or college, we could all do with a good quality and sturdy backpack, but none of us wants to contribute to animals being harmed, or cause damage to the environment…. Let Beyond Bags come to your rescue with its high quality and sturdy backpacks sourced from eco-conscious designers and made from earth-friendly materials, like cork, Pinatex or recycled rubber.ÿ

Cork hits the spot by being a natural material that actually supports its own forest ecosystem in Portugal and North Africa. Cork exhibits the amazing properties of being strong and water-resistant, yet incredibly light, so you can load up your backpack without feeling weighed down.

Beyond Bags has seven options here, in four different styles and vegetable dyed colours, from the rugged to the elegant, as pictured below:

Cork backpack in black with brass bucklesCork mini-backpack Cork backpack in navy blueMini cork backpack in navy blueCork backpack in grey and blackMini backpacks in black and brownCork backpack selection in large and mini and two tone


Next up Pinatex, that incredible new material that takes the waste from pineapple plantations and turns it into a high strength, waterproof and textured fabric that is especially suitable for tough and solid looking backpacks.ÿ

Beyond Bags has three options here, all in black, for both smartness and durability:

Pinatex backpackPinatex large backpack in blackPinatex backpack with buckles in black

In recycled materials, Beyond Bags has sourced backpacks made from upcycled used inner tubes.ÿ

Our recycled rubber inner tube backpack makes a real fashion statement, with its industrial design ethic and heavy duty metal clips. Each backpack is unique as each of the used inner tubes used in the manufacture will have their own special marks and labels.ÿ

Recycled rubber inner tube backpack in blackÿ

Come check out our backpack collectionÿnow!


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