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About Beyond Bags

Beyond Bags is committed to providing high quality designer vegan bags to people who care about animals and the environment.

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Beautiful bags without cruelty to animals

By buying from Beyond Bags, vegans no longer need compromise on quality, design or ethics when they purchase designer handbags.

Supporting the cause

Beyond Bags is pleased to inform customers that PETA, in recognition of Beyond Bags’ promotion of cruelty-free accessories and commitment to stocking only 100% vegan merchandise, has certified Beyond Bags as “PETA -Approved Vegan” . 

Beyond Bags is honored to be approved by PETA as a kind company and to be listed among other approved labels on PETA and its affiliates’ websites.

See Beyond Bags listed on website here and on website here.

Not only are bags from Beyond Bags cruelty-free, the company has been set up to be socially and environmentally responsible and we require ethical sourcing from our suppliers.

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Beyond Bags is pleased to support charities and associations that are either vegan, fight against animal cruelty, promote animal welfare, rescue and provide sanctuary for animals, or promote environmental and conservation causes.


Do you make high quality, sustainable vegan bags and accessories? Contact us to discuss opportunities to sell through Beyond Bags

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